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All services are provided by Floating Roses from the premises detailed in the "Returns and Refund Policy for Goods" section below. At Floating Roses we make every effort to ensure a comfortable, clean and safe environment for your floating experience.  Please ensure you read the following terms and conditions prior to booking and taking your float with us:  

1.You must not use the float tank;

   (a) With any oils or creams on your body;

   (b) If you are aware they you have any communicable condition;

   (c) If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol;

   (d) If you suffer from epilepsy or similar conditions, unless, in the opinion of a physician, your condition is under medical control         such that floating poses no additional risk to your health and wellbeing;

   (e) If you have reached the 3rd trimester of your pregnancy, unless, in the opinion of a physician, there is no risk to your health, or       that of your unborn;

   (g) If you suffer from diabetes, unless, in the opinion of my physician, your diabetes is under medical control so that there is no           danger to you in using the float tank;

   (h) If you suffer, or have suffered from, chronic heart disease, unless, in the opinion of a physician, your chronic heart disease is         under medical control such that there is no danger to you in using the float tank;

   (i) If you suffer from, or possess any sort of, existing ear, nose or eye infection or condition that may be exacerbated or irritated by     products within the float tank mentioned elsewhere within this document. 

   (j) If you have dyed hair within the last 48 hours


2.  Please be advised that the water in our float tanks is treated with (a) Food-Grade Epsom salts, (b)  Food-Grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide, (c) Water balancing chemicals, all tested for use in swimming pools, and (d) non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products, all of which may be present in the water you float in Some people may experience skin allergies, or reactions, to these products.  

3. In particular, water with a high content of Epsom salts can sting if it comes in contact with your eyes, so please be careful in the water. Our tanks contain spray bottles with filtered tap water that can be used to wash out your eyes if you are affected. Note also that if you have any open wounds (cuts, grazes etc.) these will likely sting when you enter the water.


4. To the greatest extent possible under Australian law, you absolve Floating Roses and its employees and agents from any and all claims, losses, damages and/or liability in connection with your being on our premises, and your use of the float tank, whether such claims, losses, damages or liability are direct or indirect.

​5. You understand that all of your personal possessions must be secured by operating the lock on the door of the Float Room during your float. Any loss of, or damage to, unsecured personal possessions is not the responsibility or liability of Floating Roses.

6. Customers are required to shower and shampoo before floating. Please rinse any soap off body thoroughly to ensure you get rid of any product prior to entering the floatation tank.


7. Any breach of these terms and conditions by a customer, which results in loss or damage to Floating Roses, may lead to action against the customer to recover the costs of the loss or damage suffered by Floating Roses caused by that breach.   

8. By booking your float or entering Floating Roses' premises you agree that you have read and understood these terms and conditions, that you have made your own enquiries and, if necessary, consulted with a physician, prior to using the float tank, to ensure that, to the greatest extent possible, your health and safety will not be compromised by floating.


Late, Cancellation and Refund Policy for Services


1. It is very important that you, the client, be on time for your appointment. If you are late, please understand that your session may be shortened  to avoid booking conflicts with the next scheduled client/session.  


​2. You can cancel or change your appointment online up to 24 hours prior to your appointed float time. If  you cancel your booking prior to the 24 hour notice period you will receive a service credit to the value of your cancelled booking. If you are unable to use the service credit we will refund the value of the service credit, minus any unrecoverable processing fees incurred by Floating Roses.


3. We understand that stuff comes up at the last minute so, if you are within the 24 hour window and get in contact with us on the 'phone number detailed in the "Returns and Refund Policy for Goods" section below, we will endeavour to move your appointment to a more suitable slot for you. If we can't find a suitable slot and you wish to cancel the appointment, we'll give you either a service credit or refund worth 50% of the value of the cancelled booking.


​4. Any missed appointments, where the client has failed to contact Floating Roses, will be deemed a "no show" and full payment forfeited accordingly. Floating Roses can be contacted via phone, email, text or social media, so please do your best to contact us if you can't make it, to avoid paying for a float you didn't have!


​​Returns and Refund Policy for Goods


We want you to be happy with any products you purchase from Floating Roses and will refund the purchase price if you change your mind within seven calendar days of purchase, provided the item is returned, undamaged, and in its original packaging, to the address below. All goods come with a twelve months manufacturer's warranty period. This warranty policy does not affect your statutory rights under Australian law. To make a warranty claim please return the item to the address below, along with the reason for the warranty claim (e.g. "item no longer working").  We will replace the item free of charge if it is found to be defective.


Floating Roses,

18 Mina Wylie Crescent,


ACT 2906


Tel. 02 6101 4676

Email: floatingroses@outlook.com 

Deliveries and Dispatch of Goods

Goods in stock will be dispatched within two business days of your order. Goods not held in stock may take up to ten business days to dispatch but will be clearly annotated as "out of stock" in our online shop. Goods will be posted via the AusPost parcels service, please allow between three to five business days for delivery.  If an express delivery service is available for items this will be annotated in our online shop, along with the additional price for that service and the reduced delivery period.



1. For all clients it is recommended that you;

    (a) float with your head nearest to the door, rather than to the rear of the tank, near the filtration piping;
    (b) avoid waxing or shaving any body hair before floating to avoid salt/skin irritation and possible burning sensation.

    (c) Avoid caffeine and heavy foods 1.5 hours prior to floating.


2. For clients with long hair it’s recommended that you tie your hair back.


Unfortunately we were restricted in our choice of site and have not been able to design and build a wheelchair-friendly Float Studio - there are some stairs that have to be climbed to reach the Float Rooms. We are nevertheless committed to making floating as accessible as possible to everyone so please call us to discuss your needs, and if we are able to accommodate you, we will.


Thank you for your understanding


(02) 6101 4676

18 Mina Wylie Cres,

Gordon ACT 2906

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