Relax, Recharge,, Feel as Light as a Rose Petal.

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About Us


What to expect when you choose Floating Roses for your floating experience…..​

  • One of the most affordable float experiences in Canberra;

  • Custom made floating audio, (for those of us who aren't quite ready for silence!)​;

  • A gentle guided draw back  in to reality, with a few after float stretches and slow movements;

  • Easy access to shower and toilet... no cold-nudie dashes to the toilet and shower!​;

  • Brand new, innovative float tanks;

  • A well-thought out float experience, from somebody who is passionate about floating, and providing an innovative floating experience. 

Floating Roses - Founded by a Mother and Daughter Duo!


About The Daughter, Hannah:

Hannah was diagnosed with scoliosis at an early age and underwent a spinal fusion operation at the age of 17. This was a long and risky procedure with a lengthy recuperation period, but luckily she was in the hands of a very good spinal surgeon and the surgery was successful. A year after the operation she was getting her life back to normal when the unthinkable happened - whilst out with her sister, the car in which they were travelling was T-boned by another vehicle at a junction, and written off. Whilst her sister escaped uninjured, Hannah had to be cut free from the wreckage by the Fire Brigade and rushed to hospital.


These traumatic events have left Hannah's body in a constant state of stress, and she lives with pain every day. Living constantly in "Fight or Flight", when she discovered floating a few years ago, her life was transformed. The only time she is not in pain, is when floating in the float tank, giving her body the rest and recovery it needs. When Hannah saw a new Kick Starter funding campaign for the Zen Float Co, which was seeking money to build an innovative float tank, she new she had to get in early and buy one - ironically with the compensation she'd got as a result of her car accident - as it might be just what she needed to overcome her chronic pain. She decided to post a message on the "Canberra Notice Board', in the hope of sharing her float tank to give the wonderful benefits of floating to others and it drummed up so much interest, she decided to ask her family to invest in a bigger project to meet the demand. This is when the idea of “Floating Roses” was born.

About The Mother, Pearl:

Pearl is an amazing woman who has always been onboard and encouraging with all her daughter's quirky and random ideas, but most importantly she has always supported her with her pain-management, and helping her be the best version of herself that she can be. So it was natural for her to support and help fund the “Floating Roses” dream.


About Us:

We partnered with local builder Andy Stodulka, of Design Construct Industries (“Eco Villas”) - who has some amazingly innovative building projects and  ideas - and commissioned him to build a customised float studio in our backyard. He has done us proud and we now have a fully-fitted out studio with two float tank rooms, both well-equipped with a toilet and shower (and, of course, a float tank!). Our hot water system is solar powered, as is much of our electricity. We support sustainable local businesses wherever possible, and most of our consumables are sourced locally. We aim to make floating more accessible, and more affordable, for people in the Tuggeranong Valley.


Floating Roses is an online business registered and domiciled in Australia - ABN 48 479 540 296.

Registered office: 18 Mina Wylie Crescent, Gordon, ACT 2906, Australia

Floating Roses uses a third party, cloud-hosted application ("Float Helm") for all on-line sales. You will be redirected to Float Helm once you click on any of the "Book Now" buttons on this website.